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Chinese Painting of Lingnan Style

In the twenties and thirties of the 20th century, Gao Jianfu, Chen Shuren, and Gao Qifeng were influenced by the ideas of democratic revolution, urging for reform of Chinese painting, against the conservative practice of simulating and copying, they advocated “assimilating essence both Chinese and foreign, and merging the ancient and the present”. The works of these artists were of rich flavor of life, realistic and notional, emphasis on both black ink and color.The Lingnan School made important contribution to the development of Chinese painting, and has now attracted numerous followers.

Guangdong Color Ceramics

Colored ceramics in Guangdong has a history of 300 years. At the beginning white glazed china was transported from Jingdezhen of Jiangxi and then processed in Guangzhou with colors. Since the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) the products have sold well at home and abroad. Patterns of Chinese brocade are used, with rich bright colors as brilliant as gold strewn.

Guangdong Carving

The art of jade carving has fine craftmanship: there are all sorts of bulky ones, and ornamental knickknacks. And the local beautiful natural colors can be artfully retained in the carved birds, flowers, bugs and fish.

The use of the knife in wood carving is neat and bold and is known and shown in the carving of redwood furniture and camphor trunks. The beams of Chen Family Temple, and the carved artistic works are prominent everywhere on the screens and doors.

Guangdong Embroidery

It ranks with the Four Schools of Beijing, Suzhou and Hunan embroidery. Guangdong Embroidery falls into two kinds: silk embroidery and golden thread embroidery. Various stitches gives feeling of third dimension; or the golden brilliance adds to the feeling of luxury and magnificence.

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